Squarespace, Kajabi, Cloudflare domains and subdomains not working


Hi there, I had to set up a Cloudflare account to use my new Kajabi Subdomain. In setting up the Subdomain in Kajabi/Cloudflare, I had to use the Cloudflare nameservers. In doing so, it disconnected my main domain from my squarespace website. I have gone onto squarespace and copied over the CNAME and A names. My main domain still isnt working. Am I missing something?
Also, I was hoping to have the https and the http all going to the same page but it looks like if I put the https, it is just saying “This page can’t be displayed” instead of if I use the http, it says : “This website is pending domain owner verification. To learn how to verify your domain, manage your domain settings here.”.
I am a newby at all this, so perhaps I am missing something simple?

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