SquareSpace DNS problems

Hi I recently signed up for Cloudflare to edit DNS records for my Squarespace site and Zoho Email hosting. My website is down now because the DNS info is not correct in the squarespace dashboard. I was wondering if someone could help with this? I have added the appropriate squarespace info to cloudflare DNS, but it doesnt seem like the two sites are communicating.

  1. What domain?

  2. Do you see any error codes / messages?

Hi Dark,

There are alot of errors on the Squarespace side of things, I dont see any errors on Cloudflare.

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That looks like a redirect loop. Make sure your server has HTTPS (TLS/SSL) configured correctly, and that you’re using Full (Strict) SSL mode here:

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Ok looks like it was set to flexible, I switched it to Full Strict.

Looks like I am still getting the errors on Squarespace, the column on the right is supposed to be green when configured correctly

You would need to switch from :orange: to :grey: to publish the matching values. That will turn off the Cloudflare proxy, though. Your site appears to be working now, so you might not want to make that switch. Unless it is causing more problems at Squarespace than the warning state of the status message, I would leave it.

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OK thanks for that info! weird that its working now even with all the DNS warnings in Squarespace. Maybe it was the Full Strict adjustment.

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