Squarespace auto SSL Cert hanging up my domain

Help me please, I beg someone.

I had a third party domain hooked up to Squarespace.

I moved my domain weeks ago to Shopify and all is working except the subdomain.

They auto loaded a Cloudflare SSL certificate to my domain http://www.houseoftwinkle.com that I did not know about.

I have unlinked the DNS records from Squarspace/thirdparty host weeks ago

Cloudflare is showing a lingering SSL certificate. I do not have a Cloudflare account for my website

My new website host/store Shopify cannot issue a SSL cert until the Cloudflare one is removed.

I created a Cloudflare account hoping to get some support. There is nothing to see on the dashboard for my domain as I did not set it up, Squarespace did.

I’m stuck in a never ending loop with Squarespace/Cloudflare and Shopify. I can’t access my business until this is resolved.

Please, I beg you to help me
Denise Ferguson

what is the issue in this story, Cloudflare by default provides you an SSL certificate ( for free) ,

if you want to disable the SSL certificate, you can go to dash.cloudflare.com and then go to the SSL /TLS section, from there you can disable the SSL

Let me know if it helped for you

How long ago did you set this up? According to your domain’s history, you started using your ‘www’ subdomain on Shopify 24 days ago. It hasn’t been working all this time?

I’d like to be able to do that, but Cloudflare is not showing my website. I don’t have this option available on the dashboard.

That is correct, it hasn’t been working for 24 days. A lingering cloudflare SSL certificate is still showing. I have unlinked, removed DNS and just deleted my site altogether from squarespace. The tech at Shopify told me Cloudflare is the issue.

If I added the website to the dashboard “you currently don’t have any websites, add site” would I be able to see this option about the SSL/TLS ??

I just don’t see where that would have come from. ‘www’ has been with Squarespace for five years, and Squarespace most definitely doesn’t use Cloudflare. And your domain has never used Cloudflare DNS.

I just don’t see how that’s possible. You have absolutely no history of ever being on Cloudflare before 24 days ago. Zilch.

Of course Cloudflare is the issue. Because Shopify puts everything behind Cloudflare, just as they did for your site. It’s like me telling you that the junky “Bargain Gas” I pumped into your car is why it runs so badly. Now go ask “Bargain Gas” to fix it.

You’re talking about Shopify, right? And this is the one that’s causing all the trouble?

No shopify did not load any SSL certs, they are unable too due to the cloudflare. Squarespace does use cloudflare for “free ssl certs” as it states in their help documentation and from the help desk. They told me to contact cloudflare. They say they back everything up including to cloudflare.

Can you post a link to that doc? It might explain what’s going on, and if so, they would need to completely remove your domain from their Cloudflare configuration.

Have you added your website to cloudflare.com?

No, not yet. I’m worried that doing so my screw up the site more than it is…

I just added it and turned off the SSL as you mentioned in your first reply. I hope this works. Thx

Turning the SSL off did not fix the issue. My previous domain host Yahoo Small Business (now Verizon Small Business Essentials) tells me over the phone that since I never had a storefront with them, they never issued an SSL certificate. I mis-read the Squarespace documentation and they in fact do not use Cloudflare services as they keep telling and cannot help. The problem persists on the subdomain. The root domain is working properly. I am unable to add the subdomain here to Cloudflare to turn off the SSL, I get an error message that only root domains are allowed.

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