Squared Space Domain Connection Issue

Hi Everyone.

I am pretty new to all of this and created a website with Square Space. I have also purchased my custom domain through Cloudflare with the intent to use it with my website. Anyway, turns out, SS doesn’t have native integration(CF is not on the default list of domain providers via SS), but they allow manually connecting the DNS through the “Other” option, via 2 x CNAME and 4 x A lines.

I have correctly inputted all the info where needed as per SS’s guide. Inputted the image with some info redacted for safety, as I’m unsure what can be done with this info haha.

Anyway, I waited 3 days, which resulted in a “Connection Failed” and “Record not found” issue on SS.

Then, I disconnected the domain and manually paired it again with different values. 3 days later, the same issue occurred. Is there something I may be doing wrong here?

Thanks a lot!

Other pic CF didn’t let me input at first :slight_smile:

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