SQL prepare error on Northwind Demo

Running through the setup for Northwind Traders as outlined in https://github.com/cloudflare/templates/tree/main/worker-d1.


wrangler d1 create northwind-demo

works fine and I see the DB in the dashboard, however upon running

wrangler d1 execute northwind-demo --file ./data/Northwind.Sqlite3.create.sql

I get the error message

ERROR 9009: SQL prepare error: no such table: main.Territories [code: 7500]

The Territories table is created on line 3517 though I do see there is a reference to this table in the EmployeeTerritories table on line 227. Given that PRAGMA foreign_keys=off; is set on line 13, that missing reference shouldn’t matter (from what I remember of using SQLite.)

Any insight as to getting this demo working appreciated.

Use Northwind Traders D1 Demo instead.

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