SQL errors - CloudFlare IP address in logs

Ever since last night I have been getting SQL errors on my domain like :-1:
[17-Jan-2020 10:25:06] SQL error:
Site : https://www.mydomain.com/shop
Remote IP :
Logged as :
SQL query :
xcart_product_reviews.*, IF (xcart_product_reviews.remote_ip = β€˜’, β€˜Y’, β€˜N’) AS is_own_review, (total_amount_vote-useful_amount_vote) AS not_useful_amount_vote, (xcart_product_review_votes.remote_ip) AS is_voted, xcart_product_review_votes.vote
INNER JOIN xcart_products ON xcart_product_reviews.productid = xcart_products.productid INNER JOIN xcart_products_categories ON xcart_product_reviews.productid = xcart_products_categories.productid

The IP address is a CloudFlare address. Nothing has changed on my domain, the sql server on the domain is fine, no disk space issues and nothing has been changed or updated. So I’m just wondering if it’s a CloudFlare issue ?

You need to rewrite IP addresses, either on a webserver level or - less preferably - on an application level.


Is this the definitely the issue that is causing my problem ?
As I dont want to introduce any changes until I have identified the issue.

I would rather disable CloudFlare altogether (if I know it’s causing an issue with my xcart shop software) and revisit the problem later - I just need to get back online - quickly

Well, if you dont rewrite addresses the proxy addresses will show up and this is the case here, isnt it?

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