SQL Error - Data too long

some of my website users are seeing the following error, is it caused by Cloudflare? i tried using Cloudflare a year or so ago but stopped because because too many users were getting blocked by Cloudflare because of their ip address, the sql error shown below was also a prob then.

SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]
Data too long for co lumen ‘uvc_ip’ at row 1 [1406]
An SQL error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact the Board Administrator if this problem persists.

No, thats a local problem with your query. You simply need to debug that and fix that within your code / database schema.

thanks sandro… so t’s just a coincidence that it happens when i use Cloudflare?

I’d say yes. Judging from the name of your database column, the only possible scenario where Cloudflare could be passively involved is if you try to store an IPv6 address in a field which is set for IPv4.

That would still not be Cloudflare related, would occur with Cloudflare however because the connecting address would be an IPv6 one. However that would bring us back to my original statement that you need to fix your database schema.

thanks sandro

fwiw the error pointed to an installed phpbb extension that attempts to record and post unique visitor counts, i removed the extension (was never convinced the info it was returning was accurate so no big loss) and the errors stopped.

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