Spread cached resources to all Cloudflare servers

When my server handles a request for content it has to perform some expensive and time consuming actions. I would like to minimize this by caching as much as possible. Right now it seems like caching a resource will only store the cached resource on the Cloudflare server that handles the request. However I’d like for that cached resource to be spread to every Cloudflare sever so that after a page is visited from one location, the entire page can be served through the cache to some other location.

Does Cloudflare support this?

No, that’s a Push CDN. Cloudflare is a Pull CDN, which only pulls the file into the regional cache when needed.

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Cool I’ll look into push cdns

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For context my website has millions of pages, each one requiring ~0.5 seconds to get content from a rate limited source. So speed could be improved, and the less requests the better.

After reading a bit on push and pull CDNs I’m not sure push sounds right to me. If I’m reading it right, for a push CDN I would be responsible for creating and pushing out cached versions of my web pages any time they are updated. However it will be impossible to efficiently predict which pages will benefit from caching in the time frame before they are updated (usually about a week). The system of caching the web page after a user requests it sounds much better to me. I simply need that cached content to be accessible to every regional node instead of just the node where it was created.

I guess Cloudflare doesn’t have this functionality. Do you know any services that do?

@0rpheon you can use Argo which enables Tiered Caching - this means requests are cached in a small number of “tier 1” caches and the rest of Cloudflare’s 150+ data centres around the world pull from those tier 1 caches first:


@simon Does tiered caching only work for static resources? Or can it also work for HTML as well if I have cache everything enabled?

Anything which you cache with Cloudflare (including HTML cached via “Cache Everything”) will use the tiered cache topology.


sweet, thanks for the info

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