Spouse signed up for pro account by mistake

Since google domains was shutting down, I created a cloudflare account and transferred my domains and have been extremely happy so I advised my spouse to do the same. I said, “create an account and set up a payment method and I’ll help with the transfers.” By accident they signed up for and prepaid the $240 for a pro account even though they only needed to transfer a single domain. Customer support absolutely won’t help refunding anything. Do we have any recourse?

Hi @gimmespam

Has there been created any ticket for this issue?

Has she cancelled the subscription right away? This has to be done.

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Yes, she cancelled the subscription as soon as she realized and ticket number is 3111571. This was all done within 30 minutes of signing up.

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We have raised this ticket with our internal teams. As soon as we have an update we will let you know. Appreciate your patience @gimmespam.

Appreciate it, I love Cloudflare’s service offerings. It was an honest mistake.

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@eportillo said there was an internal ticket. Can I get an update from that?