Spotify Podcasts don't load with Cloudflare Zero Trust

I use Cloudflare Zero Trust with Warp 24/7 on my phone when I’m on Wi-Fi.

I have access to Cloudflare Zero Trust. Unfortunately, I have the following problem:
I can’t stream podcasts on Spotify with Warp.

It’s possible to stream music because I allowed Spotify in the list of apps in the Cloudflare One settings to not block traffic. Since then, music works but podcasts don’t.
I’m afraid it’s because podcasts are stored on a different domain.

Could you help me with that?

While Cloudflare is constantly improving its services, currently, there’s no perfect solution to specifically allow podcasts on Spotify while using Zero Trust with Warp. However, here are some approaches you can consider:

1. Contact Cloudflare Support:

  • As you suspect the issue might be related to the domain handling for podcasts, the best course of action might be to directly contact Cloudflare Support. They can investigate further and provide more specific guidance based on your situation and any ongoing bug fixes or updates.

2. Explore Alternative Solutions:

  • Temporarily disable Warp: If you primarily use Spotify for podcasts, you can temporarily disable Warp when using Spotify. This will remove the potential domain-related restriction but expose your traffic to the public internet.
  • Use a different device: If available, consider using a different device without Warp specifically for listening to podcasts on Spotify.

3. Monitor Future Updates:

  • Cloudflare is constantly improving its services. Keep an eye on future updates and announcements from Cloudflare regarding potential improvements to handling different traffic types within Zero Trust and Warp.

Additional Considerations:

  • Security vs. Convenience: Balancing security and convenience is crucial. Be mindful of the potential security risks involved in disabling security features like Warp.
  • Alternative Podcast Apps: You might also explore alternative podcast applications that might not be affected by similar domain-related limitations.

Remember, the ideal solution depends on your specific needs and priorities. Weigh the pros and cons of each approach to find the best fit for your situation.