Sportbet spam

Hello, this might be a wild goose chase, but a couple of users have reported being redirected to a sports betting website, very randomly, when visiting my website. I know I don’t have anything like that setup on my website and I resolved the hostname of the sports betting website (see attached image) to three addresses from Cloudflare. My website uses Cloudflare for DNS, what are the chances that Cloudflare injects something to redirect my users to this sports betting website?

It is highly unlikely that Cloudflare is injecting any redirects to a sports betting website on your website.
It is more likely that your hosting/server has been compromised and someone has injected the redirects into your website.

Thanks, I thought so too, but why are they so random? Being the owner, I access my website many times per day and never encounter this redirect issue. I even scanned my website for malware and searched all files for the redirect, but nothing… could there be something else?

Could it be a scheme of the hosting provider to force me into buying their “Security” plans?

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