Sporadic 504s - only for some



We have a really strange problem that I’m not sure how to best debug.

Out of all the developers in our office, only one person seems to be getting the problem. She’s seeing the 504 Cloudflare error page. I’d dismiss this as something only she see, but Moz’s scanner is also reporting it sees them. The problem is, it’s not on any specific page at any specific time. And after a refresh it’s usually back to normal.

We obviously get the CF Ray IDs on the pages that error, but I don’t suppose there’s a way to look further into these? What’s more, we don’t get any apache logging at all (errors or access) when these 504s happen. It’s worth noting that our colleague has the same setup (browser, etc) to the rest of us.

Are there any next steps anyone can recommend given that it’s definitely a problem but only happening sometimes to some user agents?

Many thanks


Same Internet connection, I presume?!

These are typically accessible for users in the case of firewall events, but not in case of network issues. Cloudflare’s support should be able to tell you more though -> https://support.cloudflare.com/requests/new


Yes @sandro, same office and Internet connection.

There are no events in the firewall matching the ID.



In that case a support ticket and forward the IDs.


Thanks, I’ll get a few IDs together and send them across.

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