Splunk logging and RuleID

Splunk doesn’t show which rule is tied to which event, it instead only gives a RuleID (which is supported behavior according to Cloudflare’s own documentation). However, Cloudflare doesn’t actually seem to use RuleIDs (at least not that I can find, or that I can even find non-deprecated documentation for) in any way that an admin on the dashboard can leverage.

Am I missing something, or is this just a matter of Cloudflare needing to update deprecated functionality?


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You need to give a little bit more information than that.
I’ve searched you email address and didn’t find any Cloudflare zone tied to it.
Care to explain what error you’re having and a step by step on how to reproduce it?

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Rule IDs are available via the API and the firewall events log

It can also be found in the developer tools of the browser in other areas of the dash:

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