Split Tunnel exclusion doesn't work when host has more DNS records

I tried to use CLOUDFLARED and WARP client on the same computer (Windows) and spotted when WARP is active, CLOUDFLARED tunnel status is DEGRADED.
It can be fixed by excluding e.g. “region1.v2.argotunnel.com” and “region2.v2.argotunnel.com” in SPLIT tunnel WARP client configuration.
Unfortunately defining HOST which has multiple DNS records is “ignored” and cloudflared tunnel stays in DEGRADED state until I manually “touch” all DNS records representing the HOST record. After that manual “touch” cloudflared tunnel changed the state to HEALTHY.
It seems WARP client sends requests to excluded HOSTS [region?.v2.argotunnel.com] into WARP tunnel (infinite loop) instead of redirecting it directly to the internet outside WARP.
This behavior change at time I manually touched its IP addresses directly by e.g.:
Resolve-DnsName -Name region1.v2.argotunnel.com|where IPAddress -NotMatch ‘:’|select -ExpandProperty IPaddress|%{Pathping -h 1 -n -p 10 -w 999 $_}
Thank you for any comments :slight_smile: