Split domain routing, subdomain and MX records



Hello everyone,

My organization has a domain registered with GoDaddy and for which we use Cloudflare NS (pactpartners.com)
I am willing to change email provider on this domain from GlobalSP to Office365.

For the migration to be smooth, I would need to put a split domain routing in place but I am not sure where to start.

I understand I have to set a subdomain (mig.pactpartners.com for instance) with an MX pointing to O365 and a rule to forward all emails sent on @pactpartners.com to @mig.pactpartners.com The thing is I don’t know on what side to set those. Any advise is helpful. Many thanks.


Eh… I’m not really sure you need the separate namespace for the migration to go smoothly, but I understand the thinking behind that approach.

You would sign-up with Office 365 with mig.pactpartners.com and then in Cloudflare’s DNS you would add the Mx, TXT and SRV records they ask but where you would normally use @ to represent the root domain in the name section for the various values you would instead use mig. For any record you create if there is an option for the record to be :orange: or :grey: you should choose :grey:.


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