Splashtop Business Not Working with Warp

I’m signed in using Zero Trust. I also don’t remember having this happen before but I can’t use Splashtop Business to remote into another computer.

The diagnostic tool in Splashtop says API and Relay passes but when it tests it just comes back with a network error. When looking at the logs I think the problem is with the relay server.

I tried a few different firewall rules using Domain and regex but it hasn’t helped.

I’ve made zero progress in figuring this one out. I’ve tried IP’s, their API domains, etc.

  1. Should I be using an HTTP policy or a DNS policy?
  2. How does one go about unblocking an application that is not in the applications list?

I seem to have it working now. I added it to the split tunnel list for the warp client itself.
*.api.splashtop.com and *.relay.splashtop.com