Splash screen/Login banner for services behind Access

Hello Folks,

I have some sites behind Cloudflare Access using various mechanisms such as OTP and SAML.

Some services behind access need a typical login banner/splash screen that says things like “Access to this is for special people only, unauthorised access is prohibited, blah blah blah, click if you understand…” but I cannot find a way to add such a thing.

I looked at a worker to do this but of course a worker only starts AFTER Access control has been passed. I cannot do this on the actual website as then it’s too late, they have already logged in.

Ideally access would kick off a worker to do this and then allow me to forward the request to access, or there would be an easy way to write custom HTML for the access page, but none of this seems possible.

Does anybody have an idea as to how this can be done?