Splash Page for blocked URL

Hi all.

I was designing the block page for blocked URL. There is a part where I need to input a URL for the Logo image. I got the image from google search and tried to put it in the box but it was not able to display the logo correctly.
Please advise if there is any work around on this.

If you are trying to customize error message pages, you’ll need a paid plan (not a free plan), if I may ask what type of plan are you using right now?

I put the image on a test domain of mine. Something like test.example.com/images/logo.png

I’ve had to resort to this because, as you may have discovered, using the domain you’re blocking on is counterproductive.

Hi all.

Thanks for the advice.
I have managed to workaround last night.
I think we cannot directly input the URL based on Google search.
It requires a direct path to the image then it can work.

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