Spinning Wheel Cloudflare plugin

Trying to install the Cloudflare plugin but after entering the credentials there is a spinning wheel (Version: 3.8.7)

In the lefthand corner next right to the cloudflare logo i see the site url, already over 10 minutes spinning.

Running WP-Rocket but I disabled the cloudflare addon.

Deactivated, removed installed again… same issue

I went to cloudflare and paused cloudflare on site, after a while it did work. Enabled cloudflare on site again and it kept on working… for a while.

At this moment se same problem (spinning wheel)

I have a WordPress Multisite Network:

I deactivated the WP-Rocket add-on (WP-Rocket still running) and installed the Cloudflare plugin as a Network plugin.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong ?

Hi there,
Did you get the chance to try with the 3.8.9 version?

Do you encounter the same problem then? If so, could you try in an incognito window?

If this is still reproducible, could you please check in the Network tab of the dev tools whether one of the requests is suppressed by the browser or if an unexpected status code is returned? It is possible that an error message is not rendered in the UI, but you should be able to see it in the actual HTTP response.

WP-Rocket and Cloudflare plugin is not compatible, it may cause unexpected behaviour.

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Thank you for all feedback, with version 3.8.9 it’s working A-Okay !

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