Spilt DNS Question

Hi everyone…question for you guys.

I own and manage my own DNS servers for a zone. Let’s say the zone is testcom. With my Internet providers I have ns1 and ns2.testcom_ authoritative to that zone back at the office.

I get a website and move the site to bluehost. On my DNS servers back at the office i point testcom to the IP of my VPS sitting over at Bluehost. Bluehost says its name servers for this testcom site is their own…i change this to point to ns1.testcom and ns2.testcom. great. Everything is working…

Now. What if i want this site test.com to go through cloudflare.

  1. What happens when i tell cloudflare…hey pickup my site testcoms. I’m assuming i will need to change the Name servers at the register level (bluehost)? Correct?

  2. ns1 & ns2.testcom are still authoritative to that domain…if i leave these servers to point to bluehost…nothing will happen correct? changing the name servers on bluehost will not change anything?

  3. If i want cloudflare to handle the web traffic for the one site…does it need complete control over my entire zone and 200+ websites that are still running back at the office? At this point i can just turn off ns1.testcom and ns2 servers because cloudflare is handling everything (or needs to)??

  4. if i delete the name servers on my register…does this do anything? The site will still work because my NS servers have the record for testcom or will the site go down because i took that out?

thank you!

Unless you’re on an Enterprise or Business plan, example.com needs to use Cloudflare’s name servers. ENT and BIZ can set up CNAMEs for inbound requests, and ENT plans can do all kinds of crazy DNS stuff.

Once you’re using Cloudflare DNS, you could delegate subdomains to any other name server, but the primary domain still needs to use Cloudflare name servers.

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So all the subdomains would be still managed on Cloudflare once they make CF to take over test.com? once they do this…does it essentially make my Nameservers back at the office useless? It will rip the authoritative part from my control back at the office and all records would be controlled up in the cloud?

Unless you delegate every subdomain back to your office DNS, everything will be handled by Cloudflare DNS.

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