Spikes in requests kill my site every few hours

Hello, I get 8-10k requests periodically that kill my website. I’m using Cloudflare Pro with DDoS level at medium, screen attached. These spikes kill PHP server for good 20 minutes. I’m barely visible in Google, spending $100 for ads daily. Normally I’d say 30 visitirs is a good number. Shop is on Woocommerce, using LSCache, Rocket Loader, no APO, GTMetrix score at 70. Requests are from my home country.

It’s hard to give specific recommendations without knowing anything about the traffic.

You could activate Super Bot Fight Mode and see if that helps, but you’d have to create exceptions for automated traffic that you want on your website (verified bots, paypal etc).

Thanks. At some point in my accesss.log shows up CloudflareObservatory. I understand this is when Cloudflare detects suspicious activity and I should be checking events happening just before?

Not necessarily.

Your website going down due to a rather small spike of requests tells me that something isn’t right with the backend.
I recommend reaching out to your hosting provider and ask them to look into it, the number of visits isnt that high, it doesnt seem right for the website to go down under that low load.

Surely you might be able to cache more requests or maybe block some bots with cloudflare but that’s a patch that won’t last for too long, the root of the issue is in the hosting.


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