Spike in traffic causes wordpress sites to slowdown, anything i can do?

From time to time, there were some spike in traffic from a random country region. It causes my site to be super slow. I have setup the DDos Alert notification. I wonder if there is something i can do to mitigate these traffic. In the Security Menu, there are firewall, DDos, Bots, Page Shield etc. i do not know where to start.

thank you in advance.

Mengwei Choong

May I ask what kind of requests were made in thoes period of times? :thinking:

Some regular, or some WP scan, or xmlrpc.php, or Facebook scrap?

I’d say installing some “page cache” like WP Super Cache plugin at the origin, upgrading origin resources, optimizing the origin host.

At Cloudflare dashboard, you could try with Rate Limiting feature, otherwise the security settings and similar :thinking:


I saw there are some guides people have made maybe try these Answers From Content Creators - What's your favorite easy firewall rule to block unwanted traffic?

If you are on shared hosting i would also look at different hosting providers, the performance can vary wildly.

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