SPF Zoho Mail Name servers pointing to Cloudflare 550 error

Hi. I have been trying to resolve this for a few days.

I run my email through Zoho.
I have my domain registrar as Godaddy.
My nameservers point to Cloudflare.

Last week I started having a number of emails bounce back from addresses I previously never had issues with. Zoho told me to insert the text in my DNS records on Cloudflare. When trying to do this on Cloudlare, my domain doesn’t exist. I then spoke to Godaddy, who claim I need to update the SPF on Cloudflare - or update my DNS settings to revert back to them… Which would mean downtime on the site/emails, which I can’t afford right now.

I literally have no idea where I’m supposed to update these settings as Cloudflare won’t offer direct support and Zoho and Godaddy are telling me it must be updated through them. In the meantime I have a number of clients who are not receiving important email responses.

I am going around in circles, so if anyone can help me that would be great.

Thanks very much!

What is your domain?
You can also use Email Security to setup SPF records which is found at the bottom of your DNS Page

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