SPF status: permerror

Hi Cloudflare community,

I’m having issues sending/receiving emails to my email. I’m receiving error messages with SPF status: permerror.

getting the below message:

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error.

The following address(es) failed: [recipient email address](mailto:recipient email address)
host eig-east.smtp.a.cloudfilter.net [] SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 550 0DIesFlZEevjp0DIfs3MVR - <[sender email address](mailto:sender email address)> message rejected AUP#SNDR

The recipient is also having issues while sending me emails.

Can someone please assist me to get this resolved? thank you.

Sounds a little bit beyond the scope of the Cloudflare Community?

Note it says CloudFILTER, NOT CloudFLARE.

What exactly is pointing you in the direction of the SPF status permerror?

The “This is a permanent error” part is a generic way of saying it is a permanent error (hard bounce), because of the 550 (5xx-series) status code it received from the other mail server, and that there will no more be made any attempts to deliver this specific message to the destination.

Although there is indeed also a permanent error (“permerror”) in the SPF system, these two are not necessarily related to each other at all.

Nothing in your shown output refer to the SPF system.

Alone Googling this error (in quotes), brings up several HostGator related threads on e.g. Reddit and others, for example:

HostGator outgoing email is broken

All outgoing email being blocked

It might not be completely impossible, … but will require a bit more from you:

What domain?