Spf record type 99 error

SPF record for “bounce.notifications.rtwsa.com” not passing and MXToolbox scan reports few errors.

  1. The DNS type 99 SPF,
  2. Local NS list does not match parent NS list
  3. serial numbers do not match

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MXToolbox has some good tools but they sometimes reference irrelevant details that can abe confusing.

The SPF RR type was never adopted and should not be used. SPF records use TXT RRs.

We’ll need more details on the other two items. Is there anything else shown with either?

thank you @epic.network
I cant seem to add images to the reply
I can confirm the record in cloudflare was created as TXT
I can also confirm that the records are created under the same Parent zone “rtwsa-com”
Is the issue occurring because the record is set for a “sub2.sub1.domain.com
because if I add the same SPF record to “notifications.rtwsa.com” the validations pass without an issue

The SPF Surveyor at dmarcian indicates that your SPF is fine. I don’t think you have a real problem to worry about. I think is just one of those cases where MXToolbox has a mouth full of marbles.

thank you @epic.network
really appreciate the feedback on this.
I have marked that as the solution

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