Hello. We keep getting emails bounced from GMAIL and have been told we need to do add an SPF record. I have tried to do this but maybe not successfully. Can anyone help. See below:

I would like to let you know that we cannot add the required setting at our end due to the DNS of your domain name is not managed by us. It show’s that your domain is using Cloudflare therefore the DNS settings are being managed by Cloudflare. Please add the DNS settings(SFP and DMARC) below to your domain name on Cloudflare’s end to resolve the issue on your email.

Go to the domain DNS settings on Cloudflare and add a new TXT record for SPF and DMARC. Below are the SPF record value and DMARC record value.

If you want us to help you, we need to at least know your domain name.
A screenshot of your DNS entries would also be helpful. The only thing you should keep hidden are your A/AAAA records if you are using Cloudflare as a proxy.

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As @Laudian indicated, if you want specific suggestions you will need to provide more details. Creating SPF records also requires that you know what servers send email using your domain. There is a Community #tutorial that may help you figure out how to create your SPF record.

If you also want to employ a DMARC policy, be sure to take the time to learn what is involved. DMARC is more complex than SPF and is not something that can simply be activated and forgotten about. You will want to plan DMARC implementation in stages and track it. Cloudflare now has a DMARC monitoring offering that can help with that.

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