SPF record not visible

I added an SPF record to my domain but it does not get reported when checking via
or in email headers

Make sure you’re using a TXT record for your spf, as the SPF record type is deprecated.

If you need any more assistance, please post your domain name.

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Remember that DNS records may not update immediately, domain propagation can take up to 48h.

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so the reason it is not showing is that I used SPF instead of TXT?

You should set a TXT record for SPF, yes.

Set it up on your Cloudflare account, not with your domain name provider or host directly. Since your domain name is using Cloudflare’s nameservers, they control the DNS records.

i did all that - still not showing anything

if you want people to use TXT why does Cloudflare have an SPF setting ? Just remove it

I’m sure somebody would complain if SPF was removed, but there should at least be a big warning in the UI to say tell people not to use it (maybe an Advanced mode for DNS would help).

When adding an SPF record, it should look a bit like this. The name @ should be used if this is for the root domain, which is the normal scenario. (Obviously your Content will be very different to this example.)


i know what an SPF record looks like and i have populated it, once as SPF then as TXT.
Its still not showing

There is no TXT record for uk-cra.org. There is a TXT record for mail.uk-cra.org. In general, the TXT record needs to be set for @.


Just saw reply, so in case you want you can test with or generate the needed records with the tools listed here (recently posted about it at the other topic):

Moreover, regarding the not visible new records, wait for a minute-two, or flush the needed DNS records (for example TXT) for your domain.com using the websites here:

worked thanks.
But why is Gmail marking an email sent from my domain as SPAM although it now has a positive SPF check?

The solution is outside the scope of this forum. You would have to check the email headers. I have seen people recommend https://www.mail-tester.com as a good test tool.


ok thanks

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