SPF record issue

Plz tell me what is the issue and its show me?


What’s unclear about the message? It says exactly what you should do, which is to use a TXT record instead of an SPF one.

I also have a txt record by same content

Yes I also have same record in TXT

In that case you can remove the SPF record altogether.

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But past time I have those two record and no problem and error facing. Now you told me keeping only one record?

You don’t have to remove it, but you can if you don’t like the warning message.

Sender Policy Framework - Wikipedia is a good starting point to get a better understanding of it.

But I had both records without error. why this error showing do you know?

Again, it’s not an error, it is warning and it means exactly what it says. You best remove that record and read up on SPF at the provided link.

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But gmail doesn’t accept my mail . If i sent mail from my mail server Gmail suspected my mail as spam and block my mail .But I get mail from gmail. Isn’t it SPFrecord issue? I have provide log below

Our system has detected that this message is 421-4.7.0 suspicious due to the very low reputation of the sending domain. To 421-4.7.0 best protect our users from spam, the message has been blocked. 421-4.7.0 Please visit 421 4.7.0 Why has Gmail blocked my messages? - Gmail Help for more information. g13si17847968pgb.345 - gsmtp (in reply to end of DATA command))

You already have an SPF record, it’s just of type TXT and that’s the right one.

You need to check if the value of that TXT record is correct in the first place and also whether you possibly need DKIM or DMARC records, but that’s not Cloudflare related and needs to be clarified in a more appropriate forum.

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