SPF record issue resulting 552 error


We have created a sub domain to send email campaigns. But the SPF records seems to be conflicting and when sending emails with this sub domain we are getting many blocks (with error code 552, 553 -SPF domain authentication).

The subdomain is email[dot]ongraph[dot]com , can anyone please help me with a hint what’s going wrong and how to fix it.

As far as I can see, there is not SPF (TXT) record for email [dot] ongraph [dot] com. Are you sure you added one?

Hey @bernardo.reino ,
Thanks for replying.

We have added the SPF records as TXT to email[dot]ongraph[dot]com . Attaching a screenshot for your reference.
Let me know if you got a hint of the issue.

OK, now I can see the SPF record.
You should make sure that the e-mail server which sends your e-mails is included in that record.
Perhaps you could post an exact error message, which may make it clear what the issue may be.

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