SPF Record from Cloudflare for Gsuite

Hi, I am very new to Cloudflare and was wondering if any of you could help me. I have a registered domain here and also run my GSuite business email through my account. I have the necessary MX records and TXT records from Google set up, but I am still not receiving all of my emails. GSuite technical support said that I needed to also get an SPF record from Cloudflare and then create another TXT record with it. I’m not really sure what all of this means, so I wanted to see if any advanced users may have an idea! Thanks!

This is incorrect advice.

SPF records help with outbound mail (sending), and should not affect receiving email sent to that domain.

In either case, Cloudflare does not determine what your SPF record should be. That’s up to the mail host, as SPF needs to include the proper hostnames the mail host uses to send your mail.

Thanks for getting back to me! Do you have any idea why my email is not receiving certain messages/mail? If not, no worries. I really appreciate your help!

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