SPF Record Flattening


I’m looking for guidance or tips on SPF record flattening. We’re hitting limits on our SPF records with the typical “Too many DNS lookups” error. Our SPF include is made up of G-Suite, Zendesk, Intercom, Pardot/Salesforce, Postmark. We’ve had to rake out Mailchimp for the time being, while we figure out how to properly flatten this record.

There are flattening services, like https://autospf.com/, but the volume based pricing is a turn off for us.

Has anyone had any luck managing these flattened record themselves?
How frequently do you update your records?
Is this something Cloudflare could offer in conjunction with CNAME flattening?

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Cloudflare does not offer anything in this context. As far as SPF is concerned it is just a regular record.

Yes - we have the one record now.

But we’re having to limit which providers can be validated with SPF, because between our important email senders we’re hitting up against the 10 DNS lookup limit. Which is why we’re wanting to investigate SPF flattening, but not sure how other have dealt with this, or what experience others have with record flattening.

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Thats a question best for StackExchange.

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