SPF record flattening(automatically)

Hi Guys,

Would like to know if also other people would be interested in flattening of a SPF record.

In most circumstances you will never have more than 10 DNS lookups for 1 spf record, but in my case I have includes for sendgrid, exact, webserver, mailserver which added up and I ended up resolving the includes and adding them manually as an ip4 of ip6, which does not add to dns lookups. But I am keeping the first spf record under 512bytes(to fit in a UDP packet), if needed I make one or 2 includes with the other records if needed.

But hard to maintain, what if CF can allow us to use includes and the server to flatten the records automatically?

Please let me know what you think.

Have a great day!

This would definitely be a nice feature, even if only offered for paid plans!