SPF record error reported by cPanel


I’m getting a SPF warning/error on my cPanel server in regards to my Cloudflare (CF) hosted DNS for my site. It does give me the recommended settings to put in the CF servers, but I’m not sure if it will bypass the CF DNS or not.

" “SPF” is not properly configured for this domain.

This system does not control DNS for the “” domain. Contact the person responsible for the “carol.ns.Cloudflare.com” and “earl.ns.Cloudflare.com” nameservers and request that they update the “SPF” record with the following:"

Any advice?

What’s the domain?

It’s probably because you have two competing SPF records. If you need additional SPF records, you need to give the second one a subdomain name, then include: it in the first.

I’m not sure I understand…

What @sdayman is saying is you a have two SPF records configured for turnkeymsp.net. If you either need to combine the records or if you need two then they have to be for a subdomain such as www.

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