SPF Record & DMARC Policy Not Enabled

SPF Record & DMARC Policy Not Enabled

Do you have TXT records for DMARC or SPF?

Yes Buddy

i already add DNS tab in cloudflare.but not working

Can you post a screenshot of them? And can you also verify that the DNS page here shows nameservers Ines and Lars?

waiting for your response.Help me please.kindly share your whatsapp or telegram number

The both need to be TXT records. The “SPF” record has been deprecated.
You have a _DMARC entry, but you’ve set to the Policy to “none”, so it does nothing. Set it to at least “quarantine” and it will do something.

Seriously, be patient. I’m not your personal support tech. Your records have mistakes and it takes time to dig through them. Plus, this is free support from the Community. I get that you’re concerned, but these aren’t Cloudflare issues.

Thanks.I am a Begineer.Please help me how to correct it.

Hello Buddy.

Good Morning .

I’m in google chat .Please assit me .

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