SPF record and MX record gmail

Newbie here. I will use Gmail for my domain email address.
My hosting provider keeps getting a “time to load” message from the Cloudflare mail server. They can’t add an spf record.
I also understand from other ppl that I need to add Google/Gmail MX records to my Cloudflare DNS. Where do I find these MX records?
Appreciate your help.

Do you mean you are using Gsuite? (Just changed to Google Workspace)
If you are using mail from google with Gsuite, then here it is:

And here is SPF

Thx for your reply. I don’t use Gsuite. Just my regular gmail address. I created a domain email address and I want to use Gmail.

So which email hosting provider do you use for your domain? Contact theme for SPF and MX records.

My hosting provider is in NL. They can’t add the spf. We tried together. That’s why I asked here in the community. It seems like you have to add different MX records when you use a “regular” gmail account for your domain email address.

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