SPF record and contact form issue

Hi there,

I have recently moved my name servers and have brought my DNS settings across from Ionis.

I ahve over the past few days have problems with my email and It may have been linked to the contact form on my site, might not though.

I contacted Ionis and they said I need to add a SPF record.

DO I just put the code that they sent me into the ‘content’

feild? v=spf1 include:[wesbite address](website address)include:[wesbite address](wesbite address/) ~all

Emails seem to be better when emailing a gmail account now, only problem is the contact form still doesn’t work



That is correct. Make sure it is a TXT entry, not an SPF one.

Sender Policy Framework - Wikipedia has more details.

Hi Sandro, thanks for getting back to me!

I have done it like the attachment. I can now send emails to Gmail howver my contact form on my website still doesn’t work


You currently have two SPF entries, merge them into one. However that is not necessarily a guarantee either that your form will work. You also need to figure out why the form does not work, that’s not necessarily related to SPF either. And you don’t need to mention your own domain in the entry.

Either contact your web developer or check out Reddit or StackExchange, these are currently still the best places to clarify such site questions.

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