Spf problems

I am trying to install an email script that will catch-all and forward to the web,

After doing what is supposed correct, there is Zero email delivered, and I saw this under “Email Deliverability” (under cPanel):-


A “SPF” record does not exist for this domain.

To properly configure your SPF record, you must include the following mechanisms:

This system does not control DNS for the “bonology.com” domain. You can install the suggested “SPF” record locally. However, this server is not the authoritative nameserver. If you install this record, this change will not be effective. Contact the person responsible for the “karl.ns.cloudflare.com” and “bingo.ns.cloudflare.com” nameservers and request that they update the “SPF” record with the following:

Suggested “SPF” (TXT) Record TXT



Customize Copy

Install The Suggested Record >>> So, I click install, it never install, just keep spinning.

Why is the catch-all failing?
Is this SPF a Cloudfare problem?
Why couldn't install (I tried to click the "Install The Suggested Record"... no avail) ?
>>> What must I do at Cloudflare?

Hi @goodizen,

That domain already has an SPF record:

v=spf1 +ip4: include:spf.antispamcloud.com -all

You may want to update that record at Cloudflare if it’s no longer current.

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