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Hi all,

I have uploaded the new SPF record in Cloudflare but it seems that it hasn’t been published because i am still getting the error: “SPF record missing” from my ZOHO CRM system

Anyone can help?



Make sure you input it as a TXT record, the actual record type “SPF” is depreciated.

Also, yes post your domain. This will help us troubleshoot.

I have removed the spf and I have imput it as TXT but I am still getting the same error.

The domain is www.portaleaustralia.com

The record is currently properly set up with v=spf1 include:transmail.net ~all. I’d contact Zoho and clarify why they believe the record is missing.

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I’m seeing:

v=spf1 -all

Zoho normally want:

v=spf1 include:zoho.com ~all

then again, you’re not using Cloudflare on that domain so I don’t know what you have set up. As already mentioned, record type SPF has been deprecated and this should be put in a TXT record.

Edit: d’oh. Checked the wrong domain!

Flush the caches :smile:

Seriously, though, the OP does go via Cloudflare.

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Haha, actually I mistyped the domain name and went with portalaustralia.com instead! That’s what happens when trying to help out with a 4 yr old screaming in the room. As you say, they’re set to

v=spf1 include:transmail.net ~all

So just needs an update with any luck.

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