SPF not pointed to Google even though already changed SPF record

I am unable to receive emails with my domain email ([email protected])

It says that my domain SPF isn’t pointed to Google.

What’s wrong with it?

(Tested with Mail-Tester)

DNS Settings

I don’t see those MX records published. The only MX record I see points to zetam

At the bottom of that DNS page, does it show your two Cloudflare name servers as Amir and Tricia?

Hi @sdayman , thanks for your reply, here are the NS

Tricia and Amir is my default one, but Cloudflare wanted me to switch to theirs, can I have 4 NS at the same time too?

(Just added the Cloudflare’s NS, still waiting it to propagate.)

(The prompt I have on the bottom of the page)

You can’t have four name servers. Right now, your domain’s WHOIS is pointing to Tricia and Amir. So this account that’s showing Clarissa and Sri at the bottom of your DNS page is not in control of your website.

If you want this Clarissa/Sri account’s settings to take effect, you’ll have to update your WHOIS info at your domain registrar. NS records in DNS aren’t going to have any effect.

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This is my registrar’s record

So do I just switch them to Clarissa and Sri only?

Am I able to switch it back to Amir and Tricia afterwards?

(To my understanding now, [Amir/Tricia] is blocking [Clarissa/Sri]'s settings to take effect right? Correct me if I’m wrong :sweat_smile:)

Please remove ALL NS entries and just add the two Cloudflare wanted you to switch to.

To determinate which ones are the correct ones just go to the DNS section of your Dashboard and find them under the DNS management section:

Then wait untill it propagated and controll your DNS from now on through your Dashboard at Cloudflare.

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Aight, just changed it. Will update again soon. :+1:

You can see how far they are propagated over here: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Just to rule mistakes out, expected NS are:

  1. clarissa.ns.cloudflare.com
  2. sri.ns.cloudflare.com


yes, it is

The email address is working fine now, after using the Cloudflare’s NS [Clarissa/Sri], but my website cant be opened now.

(For now I have changed the NS back to the original [Amir/Tricia])

Welp, changing back to the old NS [Amir/Tricia] caused the SPF email problem again. Looks like I’ll have to continue to fix Error 1000 with the NS Cloudflare provided. Pretty sure its a unrelated issue on this post.

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