Spf / mx records for domains managed via whm

Need an example on how to properly create my mx and spf records for the following setup:

I only have 1 real server which has WHM/Cpanel loaded on it and the server has 2 available ip4 addresses available - ip1 & ip2

hostname: server domain0 com
assigned ip: ip1
mail domain0 com is my designated email server

This server also has several other domains that it services and all share the ip2 address.

domain1 com
site1 domain1 com
site2 domain1 com

domain2 com
site1 domain2 com
site2 domain2 com

I have these 3 domains registered using cloudflare:

domain0 com
domain1 com
domain2 com

Can some show me what my dns records should look like for those 3 domains.


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