SPF Lookups limit of 10

Just added a new site to a new account for DNS and I keep seeing the SPF record exceeds the 10 limit lookup. I only have 3 includes, even removed one of the includes no longer needed. I don’t understand how I can resolve this warning when I don’t even have 10 entries.

Your includes probably include further includes, possibly multiple layers deep. What exactly does your SPF record look like?

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v=spf1 include:outlook.com include:spf.ess.barracudanetworks.com include:1278314a1.spf2.netcorecloud.net ~all

Okay so that’s 3 lookups at the top layer

and then the SPF record for outlook.com includes 6 more lookups

and then one of those (spf.protection.outlook.com) includes 1 more lookup (spfd.protection.outlook.com)

so that should be exactly 10

although I’m not sure if the initial lookup of your own SPF record counts or not, if it does, that’d put you at 11

also the SPF record for “1278314a1.spf2.netcorecloud.net” contains “exists:%{ir}._spf.netcorecloud.net”… I’ve never even seen an “exists:” before, not sure if it counts against your include limit or not, would have to look it up

I think I see what you mean. We probably should not be using outlook com include as it has MANY sub lookups.

spf protection outlook com” looks like the common and preferred include to use.

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