SPF is set to a company that I don't recognise

Hi All
just added my site to Cloudflare and finding my way around
I have never added a TXT record for my SPF and am looking to do this now for the marketing emails that my company sends out
when I look on the DNS page there is a record there for a company called website-welcome.com
I don’t know who this company is, the domain name is from network solutions and hosting provided by blue host
So my question is can I just delete this record and add the email sender that i use for the marketing emails?

thanks in advance

Presumably. Can you post a screenshot of it?

HI Sandro

is this what you meant?

That domain is different from what you posted. However it is difficult to tell if you can remove it. If you are not sending emails from any of the hosts which are included by this hostname, then you can remove it. Otherwise you either should keep it or include the hosts in question manually.

This was most likely imported when you added your domain and you would need to clarify this with the service provider where you imported your domain from.

Thanks Sandro
thats exactly what it was, its set by bluehost, now I can customise the record to include my marketing mail sender



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