SPF flattening service

Ever since Gmail anounced they’d go stict against senders that don’t have SPF set up properly, we’ve been adding all our email sending services to our SPF DNS record.

v=spf1 include:emsd1.com include:_spf.mlsend.com include:spf.constantcontact.com include:spf.em.secureserver.net include:_spf.google.com include:helpscoutemail.com include:_spf.firebasemail.com ~all

Now it turns out that you can only have one SPF per domain, and that one can only have 10 DNS lookups – and we now have 16 (with nested lookups).

Searching the internet there seem to be 2 strategies: Removing SPF entries and DNS flattening. As the former is not an option we are looking for a DNS Flattening solution.

Searching what Cloudflare offeres here we did find a range of people having similar issues, but no clear answer if Cloudflare does offer a solution for DNS Flattening – or plans to offer it in the future.

Does cloudflare have a solution, or is there a third party that you could recommend?

Cloudflare only offers CNAME flattening (on paid accounts).

It is best to avoid SPF flattening. Consider moving email for different roles to specific subdomains.

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