SPF fail, does this count as a spam point, should it be fixed?

Please excuse, I lack experience in this area…

I have things set up so I get DMARC reports to my inbox… I can’t say I really understand any of this but it appears most everything is on the up & up but for SPF most of them say fail, as I have copied a snippet below (I can certainly provide more but I figured this was enough to know what I was talking about)

My question is, does this affect spam at all? I am reading about how spam is gauged, by a point system, would this gain me a negative point at all… My domain rep has gone down, doubtfully anything to do with this, but I will certainly fix it if it is having an impact, however small…




[email protected]




















That domain is using Outlook for email. Whatever DKIM/DMARC/SPF records you need would be determined by Outlook - not Cloudflare.

Cloudflare’s only role here it to publish whatever DNS records your mail host recommends.

If you need help inputting the information Outlook provides you, please let us know the details of those records.

Ah, thanks! so what’s really happening is I set up Cloudflare on the DNS, adding the codes and such and then I think I got outlook365 involved somehow so that I could put my domain mail on my phone because I know it can be added manually but it was easier to go the outlook route & add with exchange on iPhone…

So my guess is that it’s saying fail because of the outlook routing, that’s what makes it look like it’s coming from somewhere else??

Or are you saying that I need to get DNS records from outlook and add those? because I’m pretty sure I did that because when I contacted outlook they offered to help me remove them but I remembered I wanted it for access on my phone…

Thanks so much for the info!

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