SPF DNS record type should be removed

Hi, just a normal CloudFlare user here. I’d just want to suggest that SPF DNS record type should be removed. I was using a TXT record for SPF verification. And later, I saw the SPF record type in the add section. Just thinked it like “using txt instead of the specific type created for this purpose is surely bad” and removed my TXT record, added a SPF record instead with the same data.

And later, I found that emails are no longer passing the SPF validation - they are all NEUTRAL now. I reverted the change, making the record TXT again. And it went back to PASS again.

Then, after a quick search, I found out that the SPF record type was deprecated and should not be used anymore.

So why not delete the SPF record? According to mxtoolbox.com, it was deprecated on 2014 (https://mxtoolbox.com/problem/spf/spf-record-deprecated), and we are on 2020.

Unless CloudFlare has a rule like “We should support every DNS record type for compatibility” though, but that doesn’t make sense since it doesn’t pass the SPF test anyway (no email client backwards compatibility) and even if you guys want to keep it, it should give warnings when adding a SPF record or such to avoid confusion.

Since both record types share the same data (a text value starting with v=spf1), the existing users using a SPF record type maybe converted to a TXT record automatically before the deletion of the SPF record type, too.


Just for reference, this was raised a while ago here:

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