SPF & DMARC Set up / IP Question

Hi - Under the DNS drop down menu, in SETTINGS, I am in the process of filling in the Email Record Creator / Record information, and I am wondering how many IP addresses I need to enter. I have found several in various places associated with my domain name. I currently have no SPF or DMARC set up on this email/domain. I hope this makes sense. Can anyone help me?


Can you explain what you are trying to achieve?

If you want to use your domain for sending/receiving emails, you should follow your email providers guide and create the necessary DNS records.


Good question! So I have two domains, one is hosted by EasySpace and the domain there is for my Shopify site. I received an email from Shopify that I needed to sort out the DMARC on my email for that site, which I have done. I have the same email for the domain hosted here at Cloudflare which has no SPF or DMARC assigned. So what I was in the process of doing is trying to provide the corresponding information to generate a SPF record initially and it also asks for IP addresses for the domain. Apologies in advance Laudian, I am new to this and I admit I am confused.

What service are you using to send/receive emails on that domain? Iā€™m asking because Cloudflare does not offer email services, so you would have to use an external service.

You should not be generating an SPF record on your own - the SPF record is provided to you by your email provider.

Here is a guide from Shopify about setting up DKIM, which they use to authenticate transactional emails.

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Dear Laudian, Thank you so much ! :slight_smile:

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