SPF & DKIM question

Hi all, I am not so clever with these things so I would appreciate if someone could explain this to me like im 5.

I am starting to use a program to manage my outreach emails and mail merging called Mailshake.
It has advised that I ensure my SPF & DKIM records are set up properly to avoid any issues.

I have located the DNS settings on CF and I’m stuck there.
Can anyone advise step by step what I should do. (I know I must create a record, but which type and populated with which data?)

Thanks in advance for your help and sorry to ask noob questions.


Those are TXT records, but your provider should provide the proper contents for those records.

SPF records are their own type, in Cloudflare, and a DKIM record is a TXT record.
With SPF, that information should come from Mailshake, you need to know where the emails are going to be coming from, and you can create the record with this tool.
With DKIM, you can make yourself by using a generator and make sure that you pass the key and selector to Mailshake.

SPF as a record type has been deprecated and replaced by a TXT record.


… yet still my push for Cloudflare to remove the SPF record type from the GUI falls on deaf ears. Just causes confusion.


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