SPF Creation


We were told by our hosting provider that it might help solve some email issues we were experiencing if we set up an SPF record in Cloudflare. My tech knowledge is severely limited but I found a page under Cloudflare support meant to walk me through the process: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200168626-How-do-I-add-a-SPF-record-

My issue is that the instructions are a little confusing to me. Step 4 says “Choose TXT. The SPF format has bee deprecated due to the DNS RFC.” which is basically unintelligible to me, but I took it to mean, “set this up as a TXT and not an SPF in the first dropdown”. I went ahead and set up the TXT record with appropriate values as given to me by our host. (If the SPF setting was deprecated, I could not understand why it was still being offered as an option in the dropdown…)

However, on that support doc, right under a screenshot of a TXT record, there is a screenshot of an SPF record as well.

So, I’m confused: Am I supposed to only set this up as a TXT? Am I supposed to set it up under SPF? Am I supposed to set it up twice, once under TXT and once under SPF?

Sorry for the dumb question, appreciate any help!

It’s a TXT record.


If you are unsure use this tool:

OK, thank you.

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