SPF and TXT setup to prevent email defaulting to junk

I need to configure my email DNS settings correctly to prevent my email being defaulted to junk.

I’m currently using 123-reg for email and have my nameserver configured through Cloudfare. When email’s get sent they are being treated as junk. After a little investigation into the email header, I believe its due to “X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SCL: 5”

I previously didn’t have a SPF record setup in cloudfare, nor a TXT record, which I added in 24 hours ago where the content for the SPF record is
v=spf1 mx a ip4: a:mailex.mailcore.me -all
which has been provided by 123-reg

Unfortunately, this has not resolved the issue. Email are still being reported without an SPF and DKIM record, which i’m assuming is why the are being treated as Junk. The email header is reporting;
Authentication-Results: spf=none (sender IP is
smtp.mailfrom=domain.com; abc.co.uk; dkim=none (message not signed)
Received-SPF: None (protection.outlook.com: domain.com does not designate
permitted sender hosts)

Can anyone advise the correct setup for an SPF record, using 123-reg? Is this likely to resolve my emails defaulting to junk, or is there more I need to configure (maybe DKIM as well)?

While Cloudflare hosts DNS for your domain, it does not control how those records affect spam detection. I suggest you check appropriate forums for email deliverability. Or websites that specialize in this, such as dmarcian.com and mail-tester.com

thanks for your info and links Sdayman.

I can confirm that by using mail-tester (and others) that I am missing SPF record and DKIM and that seems to be the main two issues

can you confirm that i am right in believing that I would need to set up SPF record and DKIM within Cloudfare DNS? If not cloudflare then where should this be configured?

I believe the set up of SPF is the route of my issue and im not sure why my SPF setup so far has not worked. Any tips?

Cloudflare is your only DNS. It should configured here.

I seem to have solved the issue.

I have moved from using SPF type DNS entry to TXT with v=spf1

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Ah, yes. The actual SPF record type is deprecated. Good catch.

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