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My outgoing email from @spotsoundstudio.com is ending up in people’s spam folders. When I check with spam testers, I’m being told I’m not authenticated and to update my SPF with my ip address. But my ip address changes every day, so every day I’m having to add a new ip. My ISP tells me my ip is dynamic. How can I solve that issue?

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You have MX record issues as well as your SPF question. See the following guide for more information about that.

How is your mail server IP changing constantly? That is definitely not a good thing.

Are you running a mailserver on that dynamic IP? That’s not been a viable strategy for over 25 years.

You need to route your outbound email using a smarthost. I ran a whois lookup on one of the IPs in your SPF and it is in a /16 assigned yo Proofpoint. You skulls be able to smarthost through them. They could also probably give you guidance on your SPF record.

Your current SPF:
v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: +ptr ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ~all

I would lose all the+ signs. They add no value and simply waste space. You should lose the ptr mechanism. It has been a disrecommended mechanism for many years. The a mechanism is of no use because your domain is :orange: proxied through Cloudflare. Your email will never originate from a Cloudflare proxy IP. Without additional information on what the IPs are and why you have added them, I cannot provide guidance on what to do with them, but they can definitely be improved.

You may want to read this article to get a better understanding of how the SPF syntax works.

Your SPF record should identify the edgemost systems that hand off your email to the destination systems.


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